Malaga Airport Flights

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Malaga Airport offers flights to over 100 destinations in 25 countries

Malaga Airport Destinations

Málaga airport offers flights to over 100 destinations in 25 countries.

Where can you fly direct from MÁlaga Airport?

We do our best to keep these tables up to date and include all airlines with direct routes in and out of Malaga Airport.. 

United Kingdom

Airport Airlines
Aberdeen Ryanair (summer)
Belfast Int. EasyJet, Aerlingus, TUI Airways, Jet2
Birmingham (Hotels) TUI Airways, RyanAir, Jet2, British Airways
Bournemouth (Hotels) TUI Airways, RyanAir
Bristol (Hotels) EasyJet, TUI Airways, RyanAir
Cardiff (Hotels) TUI Airways, Vueling
Doncaster (Hotels) TUI Airways, Flybe
East Midlands (Hotels) TUI Airways, RyanAir, Jet2
Edinburgh (Hotels) RyanAir, Jet2
Exeter (Hotels) Flybe, RyanAir (summer)
Glasgow (Hotels) TUI Airways, EasyJet, RyanAir (summer), Jet2
Leeds Bradford  Jet2, RyanAir
Liverpool (Hotels) EasyJet, RyanAir
London City (Hotels) British Airways
London Gatwick (Hotels) TUI Airways, EasyJet, British Airways, Aerlingus
London Heathrow (Hotels) British Airways, Iberia (via MAD or BCN)
London Luton (Hotels) TUI Airways, EasyJet, RyanAir
London Stanstead (Hotels) RyanAir, EasyJet, British Airways, Jet2
Manchester (Hotels) TUI Airways, EasyJet, Jet2, RyanAir, British Airways (summer)
Newcastle (Hotels) TUI Airways, EasyJet, Jet2, RyanAir
Norwich Flybe
Southampton (Hotels) Flybe
Southend (Hotels) Easyjet, RyanAir (from summer 2019 onwards)



Airport Airlines
Alicante Jetair Fly
Asturias AirNostrum
Barcelona Vueling, Iberia, AirEuropa, RyanAir
Bilbao Vueling, AirEuropa
Ceuta Helity (3 flights a day)
Gran Canaria Vueling, AirEuropa
Ibiza AirNostrum, RyanAir
Madrid Iberia, AirNostrum
Melilla AirNostrum
Palma de Mallorca AirEuropa, Vueling
Santander RyanAir
Santiago de Compostela Vueling, RyanAir
Tenerife Vueling, AirEuropa
Valencia AirNostrum, Iberia




Airport Airlines
Aalborg (Denmark) CimberAir, Norwegian Air
Amsterdam Schipol Transavia, Vueling, EasyJet
Basle-Mulhouse-Freiburg EasyJet
Belgrade Serbian Airlines
Bergen Norwegian Air
Berlin EasyJet, RyanAir
Billund CimberAir, RyanAir
Bologna RyanAir
Bordeaux AirFrance
Bratislava RyanAir (summer)
Bremen RyanAir
Brussels Brussels Airlines, Jetfly Air
Brussels (Charleroi) RyanAir
Bucharest BlueAir Transport
Copenhagen Transavia, CimberAir, Scandanavian Airways, Norwegian Air, Vueling
Cork AerLingus, RyanAir
Dijon LuxAir
Dresden Germania
Dublin Iberia, AerLingus, RyanAir
Dusledorf RyanAir
Dusledorf Weeze RyanAir
Eindhoven RyanAir, Transavia
Efurt Germania
Frankfurt RyanAir, Condor, Lufthansa, AirBerlin, Brussels Airlines
Geneva EasyJet, Swiss International
Gothenburg RyanAir, City Airline 
Hamburg Vueling
Hannover Vueling
Haugesund RyanAir (summer)
Helsinki FinAir, Norwegian Air
Istanbul Turkish Airlines
Karlsruche RyanAir
Krakow RyanAir
Liege JetairFly
Lisbon TAP Portugal
Luxembourg LuxAir
Lyon Vueling (summer)
Marseille MP2 RyanAir, LuxAir, Vueling
Memmingen Munich West RyanAir
Moss Norwegian Air
Milan EasyJet, RyanAir
Munster Germania
Munich Lufthansa, Vueling, Brussels Airlines
Naples RyanAir (summer)
Nimes LuxAir
Nuremberg RyanAir (summer)
Oslo Norwegian Air, Scandinavian Airlines
Ostende JetairFly
Paris Charles De Gaulle AirEuropa, EasyJet, Vueling
Paris Orly Vueling
Porto EasyJet (summer)
Prague Travel Service
Rome Vueling
Rotterdam Transavia
Shannon AerLingus, RyanAir
Sofia WizzAir Hungary, Bulgaria Air
Stavanger Norwegian Air
Stockholm Skavsta AustrianAirlines, RyanAir, Norwegian Air
Stockholm Västerås RyanAir (summer)
Stuttgart Germanwings
Toulouse Vueling
Trondheim Norwegian Air
Venice Treviso RyanAir
Vienna NL Luftahrt
Warsaw Norwegian Air, 
Wroclaw RyanAir
Zurich Swiss Int. Airlines, Vueling



Rest of the World

Airport Airlines
Algiers Vueling
Bahrain International Gulf Air (summer)
Casablanca Air Arabia
Doha Qatar Airways ( Summer)
Marrakesh Vueling (summer)
Montreal AirTransat (summer)
Moscow VM Airlines, Aeroflot, Vueling
New York Delta Airlines (summers 2008-2019 may be cancelled in 2020)
Tel Aviv El Al (summer)
Tetouan RyanAir (summer)
Toronto Air Transat (summer)
Tangiers Air Arabia


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