Malaga Airport - Boarding gates

Malaga airport boarding Gates

And the big question of the day is… “What is my boarding gate number?”

Regardless of the boarding gate number stamped on your boarding pass – if there is a gate number – your actual departure gate could change. Therefore it is essential to keep a watchful eye on the information screens throughout the airport.  

For those who are curious about which gates are used for which type of flight: 

B Gates are generally for non-EU flights and some non-Schengen flights. 

C Gates are generally for EU flights that are classed as non-Schengen.

D Gates are generally reserved for Schengen flights including Spain – both EU and non-EU such as Switzerland.  

After passing security and winding your way through the duty free shop you will enter the departure lounge area. The D gates are nearest and to the right. B and C gates are to the left. You will need to allow extra time to clear passport control. B gates are the furthest away. There are very few shops or cafes once you have passed passport control.

Be sure to arrive to your boarding gate 30 minutes before departure. If you flight is delayed, be advised that the status could change at any time. For this reason, it’s best to stay near the boarding gate and continue to monitor the information screens. Do not leave the airport or stop monitoring flight information unless the airline advises you that it’s all right to do so.



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