Málaga airport does not have an airport hotel on site that you conveniently can walk to. However, there are a number of hotels near the airport, Holiday Inn Express Málaga being the nearest, within a few minutes by taxi. (Although the minimu fare minimun fare of 15.21 € or 19.01 € Band 2 for night and weekend.

One-Day-Itinerary to explore the countryside around the towns of Ronda and Gaucin. This route starts at San Pedro de Alcantera, just past Puerto Banus, and ends up just a few kilometres down the coast at Estepona. It's a delightful detour and one, which includes one of the best-known sierra towns of all, Ronda.

Your number one priority is to keep an eye on your bags, but should the unthinkable happen – and you lose something at Málaga Airport – here’s what to do.

For 24-hour information tune into 120.375 and for flight arrival and departure information, visit – the official website for the Spanish airport authorities.

The best spotters congregate naturally at both ends of the runway. The north end is number 13 and the south is number 31 (The numbers used to be 14 and 32 respectively, but were changed in keeping with changes in the magnetic poles). Check out the map to find out where they meet, because you can be sure to learn a lot from the experts if you stop by these areas to join in the spotting.