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Malaga Airport Taxis

Taxi rank at Malaga Airport. © andalucia.com
Taxi Rank at Malaga Airport

Malaga Airport Taxis

To order a taxi service from Malaga Airport, you can ring either Radio Taxi on (+34) 952 040 804 or Unitaxi on (+34) 952 333 333.

All Malaga Taxi must accept Credit Card.

guide price

For a full list of prices visit our Malaga Airport taxis - Tariffs page.

Just to provide a rough idea regarding taxi prices from Malaga Airport to different locations, a taxi to center of  Marbella will cost you around 70 or 90€ depending day or night tariff band. Travel to center of  Estepona, on the other hand, would cost 105 or 125€, while a closer destination like Fuengirola costs around 35 or 42€.

Again, prices are lower – just a bit lower – during the day and higher during the night.


In the summer months you may have to wait a long time for a taxi – up to an hour perhaps. This is not very comfortable – especially with small kids or after a long flight when you’re tired and just want to get to your destination ASAP. Have you heard of taking a transfer? Transfers are a popular way to handle airport journeys with the least hassle and the greatest comfort. Below you can find companies that offer a transfer service.



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