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Passenger services

Whilst waiting for you flight at Malaga Airport, there is plenty to do such as shopping or eating a good meal. The Airport also offers other passenger services to help with any stressful situation.

Accessibility Chemists
Málaga airport meets EU accessibility standards and is well equipped to ensure that travelers with special needs can move about the facility. More> In Spain chemists (pharmacists) are highly trained and play an important role in the health system.
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Lost & Found

Your number one priority is to keep an eye on your bags, but should the unthinkable happen....
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There is plenty to eat at Málaga Airport - on both side of the security control.
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Tourist information
Shops at Málaga airport are open for business on both sides of the security control check point.
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There is a tourist office in the Airport. It is located in the Terminal 3 arrivals area.
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VIP facilities  
FMálaga Airport's main VIP Lounge is located in Terminal 3 (T3) in the departures area.
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