Art Exhibition Gallery

Art Exhibition Gallery

Attention art lovers and artists alike! Here is good news for both of you:

Art Lovers

There is an exhibition hall in Terminal 3 (T3) arrivals zone designed to make your travels more enjoyable by offering art exhibits for you to visit while you wait. 


If you are an artist wishing to exhibit your work, you may be able to arrange an exhibition: 

1.    This is your airport contact information:

Department of External Relations, Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport.
Tel: 952 048 798.
E-mail: [email protected]

2.    Send your CV and photos of your work with a cover letter requesting use of the facilities.

3.    As the artist, you would be responsible for opening, closing and supervising the exhibition.

4.    To supervise the exhibition you would need a security pass which costs around 10€ and requires that you submit a copy of your passport or Spanish I.D. card.

5.    As the artist, you would be responsible for the costs involved in printing leaflets, posters and other materials.

6.    Promotional items would have to conform to Málaga Airport standards.

7.    As the artist, you would be responsible for setting up and taking down the exhibit – and without damaging the facilities in any way.

8.    As the artist, you would need to make a 100€ deposit to cover any damage incurred in the facilities during the exhibit, however, the airport could claim for greater compensation if damages exceeded that amount.

9.    If selected, your work could be exhibited for 10-15 days.

10. After the exhibit, the Málaga Airport would keep one piece of your artwork to form part of its “artistic heritage”.

The Málaga Airport personnel reserve the right to select exhibits based on their criteria.




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