Car Hire Malaga Airport

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Car Hire at Malaga Airport


Málaga Airport offers an abundance of choice and variety from a quality selection of car hire companies. The airport is also home to some of the most competitive rates for car hire in Europe.


There are three methods of car hire collection in operation at Málaga airport. Car hire office in the terminal, Car Hire office near the qirport, or Car hire representative in arrivals hall. Follow the procedure indicated in your car hire confirmation email.

Car Hire offices at MÁlaga Airport

As is the case with many airports, once through passport control at arrivals you enter the baggage reclaim area. 

There are six companies that have car hire desks in the baggage reclaim area: Avis, Sixt, Europacar, RecordGo, Goldcar Rental, Hertz. Following refurbishment work in the winter of 2017/18 the desks have been re-located to between baggage carousels 28 and 31. After signing the car hire contract proceed down the ramp to -1 level and walk through the passage into the car hire car park. 

This option is ideal for those who have a lot of luggage on a trolley, since there is no need to load and unload. Those who are AVIS preferred members (or other company equivalent) do not go to the desk but straight to the small office or stand in the car park to collect the car keys. There is no exit barrier, so the keys are not in the car, unlike at some other airports.

The small car hire company offices in the car park are also useful for those who are collecting a hire car at the airport and did not arrive by aeroplane, and those who accidently left the terminal building via the arrivals hall.


There are twenty more car hire company offices located a short distance from the airport, most on Avenida García Morato, some slightly further away in the village of San Isidro. They all offer a free courtesy bus from the airport to their offices. Most companies have a representative waiting in the arrivals area with a company signboard. Advise him or her of your arrival and you may be given a shuttle bus reference number. You will be directed to the courtesy bus pick-up point. The car hire courtesy buses pick-up point is located about 200 metres from the arrivals exit.

To reach the car hire (or other) courtesy bus pick up point: On leaving the arrivals hall and entering the open-air plaza, turn right and keep the terminal building on your right-hand-side. Follow it round into the underpass area. This area was the old Terminal Two arrivals point. Keep going another 100m with your trolly on the uneven pavement towards the end of the underpass area. Lookout for the courtesy bus sign and other passengers all looking out for their car hire courtesy buses, which will have the company name and logo on the side. It is a bit chaotic. Most courtesy bus drivers are helpful with loading the suitcases into the back of the bus.

There is a quicker short cut to reach the courtesy bus pick up point. Entering the arrivals hall keep to the left rather than exiting into the plaza. Pass the airport information desk and look for the glass paneled  elevators. Take the elevator up to the departure level.  In the departure hall walk towards the older Terminal 2 section where EasyJet check-in is on your right. On the left hand side near the EasyJet ticket office is an elevator. Incidentally this is the large elevator seen on old news footage, that British Consul, Bruce Mackintyre on 2nd May 1994 fended off the paparazzi from Princess Diana who had persued her from the Hotel Byblos Andaluz in Mijasin the resident hairdersser George Guy's car. Take the elevator down marked 'arrivals' and exit the building into the underpass area and turn right for the courtesy bus stop. This route is shorter and suitcase wheel friendlier on smooth interior marble floors rather than external uneven paving.

Car Hire Representative in the Arrivals Hall

Alternatively you may simply go to the arrivals hall where a car hire company representative will be waiting with your name on a board. He or she will escort you to your  car located in the multi storey car park. Check the car, sign the contract,  and away you go.


If you have not made a prior reservation for car hire by the time of your arrival at Málaga airport, you can either go directly to the car hire offices between baggage carousels 28 and 31 at the airport as mentioned above,  or take a courtesy bus as mentioned above to one of the off-site car hire offices.

Returning Hire Cars to MÁLAGA AIRPORT

In general follow the instruction on your car hire contract.

If you used one of the six companies with an office at the airport, follow the 'Car Hire Returns' sign and return the car to the car hire section of the main car park.

If you used one of the off-site car hire depots, return to the same place and take the courtesy bus to the departures entrance of the terminal.

If you collected the car from a representative, follow the instructions he or she gave, probably to return the car in the main car park.

There is a 24 hour BP petrol station at the airport to refill the car.


For more information on car hire contracts generally at Málaga Airport and Andalucía, take a look at our guidance page which has some guidelines for general practices for hiring cars in Málaga and Andalucía. This includes guidance on security, driving info, emergency equipment, off road, checking for damage, leaving Spain insurance and fuel policy. We also have a dedicated page on car hire groups


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