Pick up advice - Malaga airport arrivals

Historic Malaga airport beacon located in the arrivals plaza  ©AENA
Historic Malaga airport beacon located in the arrivals plaza

Malaga Airport - Picking up arrivals passengers advice

Malaga airport ARRIVALS 

There is no specific arrivals pick up area at Malaga Airport for vehicles. You will need to park in one of the car parks.  The Priority Parking is the most convenient and most expensive, the Express Parking is also very convenient. The General Parking is the least expensive and the longest walk from arrivals.  

Since the cost diference for short stays of up to 30mins is less than one euro it might NOT be best to go for the cheapest General Parking and then endure a 10 minute walk with friends and luggage.    

Those looking for the free option will park somewhere on the airport approach roads and wait for the passengers to make their way to the Express parking and call on mobile phone and then drive to the express parking to take advantage of the first 15 minutes being free.

Another option suggested on the Andalucia.com forum is to ask inbound passengers to take the train to Plaza Major (shopping centre) where the large car park is free.

Arrivals meeting point

From September 2020 to February 2022 it was not posible to meet arriving passenger inside the terminal. It is now posible again. The meeting area is either inside the arrivals hall or at the outdoors Arrivals Plaza. Arriving passengers simply follow the flow and when they reach the arrival area they can bear right to go outside to the Arrivals Plaza. A specific meeting point can be the Historic Malaga Airport flight beacon as shown on the photo above.

Car hire and Transfers courtesy minibus pick up point

The pick up point for the off-site hire car courtesy minibus services and the pre-booked transfer services and off site car parking services is now located in a special parking area 100m away. To reach this cross the Arrivals Plaza towards the far left hand corner (as viewed when leaving the terminal) cross over the service road (Zebra crossing). you are near near the priority parking and the train station. Turn right and walk 40m towards Courtesy buses you will see in the parking area ahead. Pre-booked services will have sent their clients these instructions. (Location) (Pre to April 2021 the pick up area was round to the right hand side in the rather dark and awkward underpass.)

Car parking options

Express Parking is the top level of the multi story  airport parking car park. © andalucia.com
Express Parking is the top level of the multi story car park.


The Priority parking are was introduced in 2017 and is located on arrivals level at the opposite side of the arrivals plaza near the train station. It is relatively small with capacity for only 90 cars but is underused. It is the most convenient car park for meeting arrival passengers. The cost is only slightly higher for short stays but expensive for longer stays. 
Cost: First Minute = 1€ | 15 minutes = 1.74€ |  30 minutes = 2.53€ | 60 minutes = 4.84€ | Two hours =10.03€ | 24hr max is 36€.

Express parking (P2)

Express Malaga Airport Parking, located at the departures level is the top level of the multi story car park. The entrance is opposite departures terminals 2 and 3. It is the most expensive parking area in Malaga Airport, but suitable for short stays of up to half an hour.  In 2016 this parking combined with the drop off area so can be a little chaotic near the entrance. Pay at the machines before exit with car. If 15mins or less no need to validate ticket in the machines. It just over 15 minutes you can pay with credit card at the exit barrier.  
Cost: up to 15 mins = Free  | 16 mins = 1.65€ | 30 mins = 2,30€ |  1hr 3,80€ |   90 mins 6,50€ |   Max per day 34,70€

General Parking (P1)

Malaga Airport parking one, (P1) is in the multi story car park opposite terminals 2 and 3; the entrance is at arrivals level (ground level). Follow signs to the car park entrance; next to the car hire return area. There is a travellator gangway on level 2 (departures level). Depending on where you park within the car park, it can take up to 10 minutes to walk to departures or arrivals from P1.
Cost: 15 mins = 1,23 €  | 30 mins = 1,60€ | 1hr = 3,00€ | 2hrs = 5.08€ | 24hrs 19.00€ 


All parking options are explained on our Malaga Airport Parking page.

Drop off advice is explained on our Malaga Airport Drop off advice page.

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