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Drop off advice

Drop off advice

If you are dropping someone off at Málaga airport, read our driving instructions/a> and follow the signs to "Departures" ("Salidas", in Spanish ).

As from 21st February 2017 the original drop off bays have been removed. You now drop off  passengers in the Express Car Park on the same departure level. The first 15 minutes is free.   As you arrive at the upper departure area collect a car park ticket from the barrier. Follow the lane round and enter (no further barrier) the Express Parking. There is plenty of space to unload passengers and luggage if you drive past the chaos near the entrance. Passengers walk across the road into the terminal.  

Drive out of the Express Parking and insert the ticket in the exit barrier. As long as you have not been more than 15 minutes you will be able to pass through the exit barrier.   Beware! If you are 16 minutes or more the exit barrier will not let you out. You can pay at the barrier by credit card, othewise you will have to reverse back, park, insert the ticket in a pay machine, pay the parking, collect the ticket and you will now be able to leave.  It is better to pay at the machine before you exit the car park.

If you are dropping off someone and would like to briefly accompany that person to check in, park the same way in the  Express Parking at the same level. At 16 minutes you will have to pay for 16 minutes (not one minute). This car park is a bit more expensive than the general parking, but worth the convenience for short stays.

Since 15 October 2021, companions of travellers are allowed to access the airport terminals. Entry will, however, be limited during moments of significant passenger flows to prevent crowds. Previously as a Covid measure it was not posible without pre-authorisation (for assisted passengers) for friends and relatives to acompany passengers into the terminal.





If you are dropping off someone with a physical handicap, you may wish to use the handicap parking spaces in the Express Parking. The regular parking areas also have meeting points where handicapped travelers can meet airport staff. These are generally located next to the machines where you pay for parking. For more information, see the Accessibility section.


Pick up advice is explained on our Malaga Airport Pick up advice page.



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