Medical attention

How to get Medical Attention at MÁlaga Airport

If you or someone you know needs medical attention at Málaga Airport you can rest assured that a doctor is on duty at all times.

There are two ways to get help. First, you can speak with a representative of your airline who will make arrangements for you. If you're checked in, this is the best way to go. Secondly, you can go to the Customer Service desk (near the chemist) and explain your situation. It is possible for a customer service representative to accompany you to the clinic or arrange for the doctor to visit you.

For minor medical concerns, you can also consult the chemist (pharmacist). In Spain chemists (pharmacists) are highly trained and play an important role in the health system. They are generally ready to listen and try to find a solution for conditions that don't require a doctor's attention. The airport chemists do their best to assist English speaking customers as well.

There is a pharmasist located in the main Termal three departure check in area opposite side from check-in desk 310 and next to the Iberia ticket sales desk. 



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