Córdoba Airport

Cordoba Airport

Córdoba Airport
Ctra Nacional 347, 14071 Cordoba
Tel: +34 957 214 100
GPS: 37º 50.5' N 4º 50.9' W

There are currenly no regular scheduled or charter flights but it is popular for general aviation. Cordoba airport is open to national and international (Schengen only) flights.

The airport has been progressivly upgraded since 2010 with new facilities, apron, control tower and runway which was enlarged to 2050m by 60m wide (from 1380 by 45m) in 2011 at a cost of 15m€  opening up (in theory) to airplanes such as Airbus A319 and B737 passenger jets. It is currently recorded as 2.141m

There is no Customs or Passport clearance here so it is not able to receive airplanes from a non EC member country nor able to offer passport clearance for travellers from non Schengen signatory countries.

Cordoba airport has about 10.000 passenger movements a year, mainly private charters, pilots school, military, crop spraying and organ transplants for the Riena Sophia hospital in the city.

The terminal building is open from 08.00 hrs and closes at times to suit demand.


On the 10th May 1910 an aviator named Barrier flew from a field next to the Electro Mechanical factory. The site was used in the civil war but it was not until 1958 when an airport was opened and Aviaco started a route to Madrid with a twelve seater Heron and later a DC-3. Jerez was the next destination. The city council was forced to subsidise the unprofitable venture until 1967. In 1969 a Malaga - Cordoba - Madrid route was established with regional council subsidy until 1980. The terminal building was refurbished in 1980. Air Condal also tried a Palma de Majorca route for two years in 1985.

In July 2007 the Mayoress of Cordoba signed and agreement with AENA to upgrade the airport facilities and runway at a cost of 85m€. This decision was critisised by the European Court of Auditors in 2014 high-lighting the AVE train service and the proximity of Seville and Malaga airports. Flysur announced schedule flights to Vigo and Bilbao in 2008 but were never realised.

Undeterred In 2014 a Plan de Marketing 2014 de Aeropouerto de Cordoba was published which suggested possible national routes to Barcelona, Baleares, Canarias, Madrid, Valencia, and Bilbao and international Paris and London. There is also a ‘Mesa de Aeropuerto’ which meets occasionally.

The airport was given a boost when the Spanish army announced that it had chosen Cordoba for the location of the new national ‘Base Logistica de Ejercito Tierra’.

In August 2022 refurbishment and security works on the 145m2 terminal costing 1.3m € was completed and revealed to the enthusiastic local press. In Spring 2023 a ‘Carta de Aproximacion’ for Instruments' (as opposed to Visual) was finally published.

There was lots of Cordoba press coverage on 6th December 2023 when a Check Airlines A320 with 187 passenger took off on a shopping wekend Mapatorurs charter flight to Prague. Returning on 10 December. More charters are planned in the new year.

Aena ammounced on the 12th December 2023 that it had awarded the 2.2m € one year contract for the extension of the terminal building at Cordoba airport to Sepisur XXI. The work includes an 1.000m2 extention to the termains on the north façade - air side which double the size of the current building. Other improvements planned are a third check-in counter, a second X-ray machine.


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Location & Communications

Located 6 km west of the city on the N-347 on the north bank of the River Guadalquivir. There is no airport bus as such but the 0-2 line stops on the main road. There are about 15 busses a day from 06.30 to 22.30. The single fare is 0.80 Euro. A taxi is about 10 Euro to the city centre. There is free parking for 60 car in a car park in front of the terminal.


There are no scheduled flights. General aviation uses the facilities and the following air taxi companies are based in Cordoba Airport.

Air Consul Tel: 957 214 121

TA Espejo Tel: 957 329 701


N-347 three km south west of Cordoba city