Cordoba Bus Service

Cordoba Bus Station

Cordoba city has a large modern bus station just to the north of the RENFE railway station. Cross Avenida Via Agusta.

The bus station is enclosed by a substantial wall in a quadrangular plan, one hundred and ten meters long by six meters high. This exterior wall was built from Mondariz gray granite ashlars and the approximate weight of each ashlar is about 12 tonnes. The wall gives a resounding elegant appearance. Inside the station has a rectangular floor plan, with interior and exterior finishes in lime stucco. The slabs are made of yellow marble from the Macael quarries of Almeria.

The bus station itself has become one of the emblematic buildings of Córdoba. The building wone the National Prize for Architecture in 1999 when it was built was built by César Portela. In the car park travellers can observe remains of a Mozarabic house, the junction of two aqueducts and a mosque with Roman ashlars. The station is decorated with sculptures by Agustín Ibarrola that are framed in the large side windows. The principal sculpture is located in the lobby and is the figure of Eva by Sergio Portela.

A characteristic element of the bus station is the interior garden, surrounded by solid marble benches and in the upper part, lattices that filter the light. The garden is circular and in one area you can see the ruins of an Arab mosque. A bronze sculpture by the sculptor Sergio Portela is found in the garden.

Buses from Cordoba

There is a modern bus station just to the north of the RENFE railway station. Cross Avenida Via Agusta.

Urban bus services in Cordoba city.

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Consorcio de Transporte Metropolitana Area de Cordoba oversee local bus lines in Cordoba metro area and province. Includes services from Cordoba city to Villa del Rio, Baena, Posadas, Obejo, La Guijarrosa, Montemajor, La Carlota, Maruanas, Villafranca de Cordoba, Villaharta.

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Carera bus company runs bus services to 60 villages in the south of south of Cordoba province and beyond. Includes services from Cordoba city to Badolatosa, Alameda, Nueva Carteya, Castro del Rio, Estepa, Palenciana, Iznajar, Lucena, Priego de Cordoba, Cabra, Baena, Santaella, Doña Mencia, Montalban, Fernan Nunez, La Rambla and La Carlota to Fuengirola (summer only).  
Alsa bus company runs bus service from Cordoba to Granada city bus station and Granada Airport calling at Santa Cruz, Espejo, Baena, Alcaudete.  

Alsa bus company runs a direct bus service three times daily in each direction between Cordoba bus station and Malaga city bus station with stops at Lucena and Montilla. The journey takes two and a half hours. Single ticket is 11 Euro

Alsa bus company runs a direct bus service once a day in each direction between Cordoba Bus Station and Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport calling at Fernan Nuñez, Montemajor, Montilla, Aguilar de la Frontera, Monturque, Lucena, Encinas Reales, Benameji, El Tejar, Antequera, Malaga City bus station and Malaga Airport. The journey takes four hours. Single ticket is 14 Euro

Alsa bus company runs bus service from Cordoba to Seville Airport and Seville city Plaza de Armas bus station. The airport service is express and calls at Ecija and Luisana. The city service also calls at Quintana, La Carlotas, Villanueva del Rey, Carmona.  
Autocares Ramirez bus company runs bus service from Cordoba to Andujar calling at Rabanales, Alcolea, Villafranca, El Carpio, Pedro Abad, Montoro, Villa del Rio, Marmolejo.  


Socibus operate daily from from Malaga (Bus Station) to Bilbao. Single 52€. Departs Malaga at 10.00 hrs and arrives Cordoba 11.41 and Bilbao 21.40 hrs. Departs Bilbao 09.00 arrives Cordoba 19.00 and Malaga 20.40 hrs. Stops at Cordoba, Almuradiel, Manzanares, Vitoria. A second service operates on Friday and Sunday that departs Malaga at 20.00 hrs and arrives Cordoba at 21.41 and Bilbao 07.40 hrs. Departs Bilbao 21.00 arrives Cordoba 07.00 and Malaga 08.40 hrs.
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Left Luggage Lockers.

Lockers in the Bus Station of Córdoba:

Small locker: 3,- EUR/day
Big locker: 5,- EUR/day
Extra locker: 6,- EUR/day

Opening Times:

05.00 hrs to 01.00 hrs, 365 days a year.

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