Trambahia - Cadiz Bay Tramway

TRAMBAHIA - Tranvía Metropolitano de la Bahía de Cadiz

The 'Tranvía Metropolitano de la Bahía de Cadiz' (Metropolitan Tramway of the Bay of Cadiz), also known as the 'Trambahía', was inaugurated on 26 October 2022. The opening has been a long time coming, since the construction of the line was completed in 2012. The Tranvia connects Chiclana, San Fernando and Cádiz, using a train-tram system that allows the units to run on both standard railway tracks and the newer tram lines. The line still to be opened is the line from Cádiz to El Puerto de Santa Maria, Jerez de la Frontera and Jerez airport. The open line is called T1 and has 21 stops over a distance of 24 km from Cádiz (Plaza de Sevilla) to Chiclana (Pelagatos). The total journey time is just over half an hour.

The Trambahía T1 route passes through several fare zones, each identified by a letter followed by the name of the city. Ticket prices vary according to the number of zones entered. Valid travel cards that can be used are the Consorcio de Transportes Bahia de Cadiz card and RENFE season tickets, such as the Bonotren, monthly season tickets and student season tickets. The TranBahia is included in the free travel cards.


Cadiz Trambahia Plan

The Trambahía has a half-hourly frequency for each train and runs from:
Monday to Friday, from 05:20 hrs to 00:30 hrs.
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, from 06:21 hrs to 00:30 hrs.
Timetable can be downloaded here.
Route plan can be downloaded here.


Journeys can be paid for either with the 'Bahia de Cadiz Transport Consorcio' rechargable card green coloured rigid plastic card or the RENFE & TU red and purple colour rechargable flexible card. The base Concorcio card costs 1.5€ and RENFE & TU card cost 0.50€. The funds for travel than have to be added to the card.

Consorcio journey prices follow the rather complicated 19 zones (A to S) of the large , which is also used for buses and C1 Cercania trains. Travelling from one zone to another involves a certain number of 'saltos' (jumps). This is the Zone / Jump Matrix. Using the Consorcio card, the cost of a very short single journey of 0 saltos is €0.89 and of 5 saltos is €2.18. The 5 saltos corresponds to the Trambahia journey from Cadiz to Chiclana. RENFE journey prices align with their simpler train network. This counts the number of Zones. Using the RENFE & TU Card the cost of a very short single journey of 1 zone is €1.80 and from Cadiz to Chiclana which corresponds to 3 zones is 2.60€.

Station on the Trambahia

Estacion central de Cadiz (C1 Cercanias - Media Distancia - Alvia)
San Severiano (C1 Cercanías)
Segunda Aguada (C1 Cercanías)
Estadio (C1 Cercanías and Media Distancia)
Cortadura (C1 Cercanías)
Río Arillo (C1 Cercanías)
La Ardila
Santo Entierro
Plaza del Carmen
Compañía de María
Plaza del Rey
Plaza de la Iglesia
Venta de Vargas
Tres Caminos
Pinar de los Franceses
Alameda de Solano
Nuestra Señora de Los Remedios
Reyes Católicos
La Hoya