Cadiz City Train Station

Cadiz main terminus station

Cadiz Train Station

Cadiz train station is located off Plaza de Sevilla on the eastern or bay side of the city near the port. The old station building is located behind the Aduana (customs) building and the trains depart from the new station building with is behind the old. Allow a few extra minutes to orientate yourself and find the entrance.

It is a terminus station for Alvia Long Distance trains to Madrid, Medium Distance to Jerez and Sevilla with some continuing to Jaen, and Cercanias (local) to San Fernando and Jerez.

Train Services 

Alvia is the name of high-speed services (though not as fast as the AVE) which connect the major cities of Andalucia with the Spanish capital, Madrid.  The trains are made up from the RENFE Class 130 units. The Madrid to Cadiz and Huelva routes, use the AVE track as far as Seville, and then the convention track from then on, cleverly changing over the train's guage, and offering passengers a more comfortable journey and shorter travelling times.

Time taken: 4hrs 30 mins
Frequency: 3 to 5 trains daily
Stops: MadridCordobaSevilla-Santa JustaJerez de la FronteraEl Puerto de Santa Maria,  San Fernando, Cadiz.
There are addition connection to Madrid changing at Seville. 
Description of the route.

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Barcelona - Cadiz
Time taken: 8 hours
Frequency 3 trains a day changing at Seville.
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Medium Distance
Jerez and Sevilla with some continuing to Cordoba and Jaen

Time: 4 hrs 50min to 5hrs 30min
Frequency: four trains daily
Stops: Cadiz (main terminus), Cadiz - Estadio (some trains), San Fernando-Bahia Sur, Puerto Real, Puerto de Santa Maria, Jerez de la Frontera, Jerez Aeropuerto, Librija, Utrera, Dos Hermanos, Sevilla-Virgin del Rocio, Sevilla-San Bernardo, Sevilla Santa Justa, Lora del Rio, Peñaflor, Palma del Rio, Posadas, Cordoba, Villa del Rio, Andujar, Espeluy, Jaen. Description of the route.

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Cercanias (local) to San Fernando and Jerez de la Frontera.  Trains run about one an hour from seven in the morning until ten at night. The Cadiz to Jerez Journey takes 45 mins. Timetable on the RENFE website. Tickets purchased at the station, not online. Single journey from 1.80 to 4.05€ depending on number of Zones entered.

Line C1   Cádiz, San Severiano, Segunda Aguada, Estadio, Cortadura, San Fernando-Bahía Sur, San Fernando-Centro, Puerto Real, Las Aletas (branch to the Universiy Line C-1a), Valdelagrana, Puerto Santa María, Jerez de la Frontera. (Plan of Line)

Arrival and departure info

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The'Tranvía Metropolitano de la Bahía' also called 'Trambahía' opened on 26th October 2022. It had been a long wait since the construction fo the track was completed in 2012. It connects Chiclana, San Fernando and Cádiz, using a train-tram system which permits the units to adapt to running on the standard railway tracks as well as the newer tram lines. The future line still top open is the Cadiz to El Puerto de Santa Maria and jerez and Jerez airport. The current line is called T1, with 21 stops over 24km from Cádiz (Main Central terminus station of Cádiz, Plaza de Sevilla) as far as Chiclana (Pelagatos). The total journey time on the route is just over half an hour. More about the Trambahia.

The Trambahía has a half-hourly frequency for each train and runs from:
Monday to Friday, from 05:20 hrs to 00:30 hrs.
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, from 06:21 hrs to 00:30 hrs.


The station is open form 05.20 to 23.45.  The station has a ticket office and ticket machines,  car hire offices, a travel centre, 24 hour car parking alongside station managed by Saba costing 1.40€ per hour. There is tourist information centre. You can also find an ATM machine, cafes, bars, vending machines, and a taxi rank 

Car Hire

Europacar and Hertz have offices in the station Galco Car hire nearby. 



The terminus located at km 158,1 of the broad-gauge line measured from Seville. Before the AVE in 1992, Cadiz was km 576,90 of the longest line in Spain, namely the Alcázar de San Juan to Cádiz which was the only rail link between the central plains of La Mancha (Meseta) and Andalucia. (Alcazar de San Juan is a town about 100 km south of Madrid on the Madrid to Alicante line).

As opposed to other main lines the Madrid to Cádiz railway was not constructed as a single line but originated from the joining together of different sections constructed between 1854 and 1866 by different companies.

The MZA (Compañía de los Ferrocarriles de Madrid a Zaragoza y Alicante) built the Alcázar de San Juan (Madrid) to Córdoba line. The Compañía del Ferrocarril de Córdoba a Sevilla, built the Cordoba to Seville line in Guadalquivir valley. The Sociedad Anónima del Ferrocarril de Jerez al Puerto de Santa María y Cádiz built the Seville to Cadiz line.

The line is double track and electrified. If one wanted to follow the old 1860s line through the Dispeñaperros Gorge rather than the 1992 line it is still possible. Buy Medium Distance tickets for trains Cadiz to Andujar, Talgo Andujar to Madrid changing at Alcázar de San Juan. It would take nearly 10hrs instead of four and a half.

The old Cadiz station which had been built by the Compañía de los Ferrocarriles Andaluces in 1895 strategically near the port and the customs building was closed in 2001 for the construction of the present station with the lines being realigned at underground level.

Location of Cadiz main terminus station

Plaza de Sevilla