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Cadiz City - Five Fascinating Facts

Cadiz´s name and reputation is linked with its maritime adventures © Michelle Chaplow
Cadiz´s name and reputation is linked with its maritime adventures.

Cadiz City - Five Fascinating Facts

Cadiz´s name and reputation have forever been linked with its maritime adventures. It was from this ancient port city, dramatically situated on a spit of land surrounded on three sides by the sea, that two of Columbus´ four voyages set out for the New World. During the Franco era it was known as a hotbed of dissent, with its legendary carnival continuing despite the dictator´s ban on such decadent events. To this day Cadiz remains famously left-of-centre. For the visitor, this often-overlooked city is divided into two parts: the old walled city, a charming, characterful jumble of slightly decaying mansions, parks and beaches; and the newer part, which links the old city with the mainland, which has modern high-rise apartments and hotels.



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