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Fascinating Facts

Carnival is the biggest event in Cadiz's calendar, and the most important of its type on mainland Spain, just as the Feria is for Seville. People flood in from all over Spain, and beyond, to enjoy the noisy, colourful, festive atmosphere, singing competitions, concerts (rock, flamenco, samba), comedy, children's shows, parades, firework displays and street parties. Carnaval is also celebrated in towns and cities around Andalucia.

Andalucia is an ideal year-round destination for your golfing holiday with its average eight hours of sunshine per day, and spectacular coastline filled with over 100 courses designed by world-famous names such as Trent Jones, Jack Nicklaus and Seve Ballesteros.

Bullfighting is a subject which divides people like no other; you either love it or hate it; you're an aficionado, with your preferred matadores, who can discuss technique and arte; or you can't take the blood. It's about drama and colour of the spectacle; the passion of the audience; and the courage and skill of the man (nearly always; Almodovar's female matador was the exception) himself.

In reality, Málaga airport is full of fascinating facts and you won’t regret reading up on the history of this interesting airport.

Do you want to find out some little-known interesting facts about Andalucia’s most famous towns, cities and pastimes? Which films were shot in Seville, why the Mezquita was built with its pillared arches, which Beatle loved Almeria, who brought golf to Andalucia?

Here are some facts that you may or may not know about the city, whether you´re visiting Seville for the first time, you´re a seasoned expert, or you live here. Films, fruit, sport, history, religion and politics - tasty titbits for everyone to savour.

Sevillanos are very well-known, throughout Spain and the wider world, for their fierce pride in their city.

Although its history dates back centuries, since the 1950s Malaga has been best-known as the gateway to the Costa de Sol. Many of the 16 million holidaymakers who arrive at the airport annually head straight for the beaches - all the better for those who come to enjoy this atmospheric city.

Well-known as the place where sherry that classic English tipple, is produced, Jerez is also equally famous both for its horses and its flamenco. Situated in the province of Cadiz, and larger than its capital city, it is only 20km from the coast, but has an aristocratic, anglophile atmosphere all of its own. A major event in Jerez's annual calendar is the colourful, lively Vendimia (Grape Harvest) Festival in September.

Huelva has always been known more for the beaches in the surrounding area, than for the city itself. Known by the Phoenicians as Onuba, it has a long history, closely linked to the sea and nearby mineral riches, and apart from the less attractive industrial port area, has some interesting sights, although many monuments were destroyed in the 1755 Lisbon earthquake.