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Festivals in Andalucia Note that due to the Coronavirus restrictions in Spain and Andalucia all the traditional festivals and parades have been cancelled at least until Summer 2021. This includes the emblamatic Seville Spring Fair. Some smaller events are still taking place if the organisors are able to ensure social distancing. Keep up to date with the latest info about Coronavirus in Andalucia, Spain.

Cadiz Carnival Fascinating Facts - Fact 1

© Michelle Chaplow Franco banned the Cadiz Carnaval, but it in Cadiz, it carried on
Franco banned the Cadiz Carnaval, but it in Cadiz, it carried on

Five Fascinating Facts about Cadiz Carnival

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Franco banned the Cadiz Carnaval, but it carried on

The Cadiz Carnaval, like most decadent celebrations, was officially banned under Franco's dictatorship from 1937. While most Spanish towns and cities followed the decree, the Gaditanos, being famously independently-minded, continued with their annual celebration. At first, the Carnaval carried on behind closed doors, with people meeting every February to reminisce and sing Carnaval songs. Then, in 1948 the Caudillo allowed groups to sing in the street, under strict control, without being allowed to use the word "Carnaval". From 1950, the Fiestas Tipicas Gaditanas were celebrated in summer instead of in Februrary/March - a tamer, watered-down version, although the groups' lyrics had hidden meanings, to escape the censors - until 1977, when the Carnaval was restored to its full anarchic glory.

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