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Festivals in Andalucia Due to the Coronavirus restrictions in Andalucia most traditional festivals and parades are still being cancelled. Some are being replaced with smaller static events if the organisors can ensure social distancing. Keep up to date with the latest info about Coronavirus in Andalucia, Spain.

Cadiz Carnival Fascinating Facts - Fact 3

Five Fascinating Facts about Cadiz Carnival

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Costumes aren't just about dressing up

 © Michelle Chaplow Costumes aren't just about dressing up
Costumes aren't just about dressing up

Costumes at the Cadiz Carnaval are about more than doing clever things with face paint and papier mache; they are social levellers. Going back centuries, disfraces were essential in breaking down social barriers, helping classes to come together, providing freedom from repression. People could let loose, follow their instincts, dress up as duchesses or peasants, or fantastical creatures. They also had a unique opportunity to lampoon authority with impunity - the church, the government, the ruling classes. This tradition of criticizing and poking fun at famous personalities, such as politicians, singers and actors, remains central to the Carnaval, and even continued throughout the Franco era (see Fact I).