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Fascinating Facts - Fact 1

Sculpture to the bull, outside of the Ronda bulling © Michelle Chaplow
Sculpture to the bull, outside of the Ronda bulling.

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No one can come to the hilltop town of Ronda, Andalucia's most-visited pueblo blanco, without being aware of its significance in the bullfighting world. From Pedro Romero, who revolutionised bullfighting in the 18th century by doing it on foot (as opposed to horseback) here, to corrida fans Orson Welles and Ernest Hemingway (See FACT II), who both loved the town and visited frequently, to famed matador Antonio Ordoez, whose finca is nearby (his old friend Hemingway's ashes were scattered there). Ordoez started the Feria Goyesca, a colourful tableau of Goya-period costumes (the painter often portrayed bullfighters), based on his paintings. The spectacular pageant celebrates the painter (Goya), the bullfighter (Romero) and the art (bullfighting).