Los Millares

Handmade ceramics from Almeria

Handmade ceramics from Almeria



This archaological site is located 20 kms north west of Almeria, between the villages of Gador and Santa Fe de Mondujar. The site dates back to 1800 BC, when it was probably the location of Spain's first metalworking culture.


Pottery and jewellery were made here and crops grown in what must have then been a much more fertile landscape. However, it was their ability to smelt and shape copper that makes Los Millares a crucial stepping stone between the Stone and Bronze ages. The larger site situated above the beds of the River Andarax and the Rambla de Huechar is currently under excavation.

There are fascinating tombs here consisting of domed chambers approached by a long low corridor. Unfortunately, most are in a fairly ruinous state, however several have been skillfully reconstructed.