The village of Gádor, situated in the area of Cabo de Gata, holds the remains of human settlements dating back to the 3rd millennium before Christ and the irrigation system from the time of Arab civilization, preserved to this day, that supplies the orange orchards which surround the white village. 

Gádor is also home to two white marble statuettes dating from the 4th Century which represent the Divino Pastor, as well as remains of Roman and Byzantine mosaics and currency from the same era.

Also adding to the cultural heritage of this town is an antique Arab cemetery and the Castle, a fortress built in the 9th and 10th centuries, during the Caliphate reign.

Those who visit this town will also be able to see the medieval caves, the town hall (constructed on top of the old granary) and monuments built to honour the women, the laborers, San Sebastián and Our Lady of Rosario. Finally, you can´t miss the parish church, built in the 17th Century and visible from everywhere.


In the menus of the local Gádor restaurants you will find dishes like ´crumbs with garlic´, fried tuna pastries, pipirrana, fig bread, migas and rabbit with garlic.
Those who prefer desserts will be able to taste delicious borrachillos, papaviejos pastries, fried milk, soplillo, special cakes and Easter pie.


During the first two weeks of October, Gádor celebrates its main festivity in honour of the Saintly Virgin of Rosario, but there are various other celebrations in this almerian town.

On Good Friday a live performance is performed, on 13th June the day of San Antonio is celebrated and on the second Sunday of September the festivities of Santa Cruz and the Son of Remedio take place.


Gádor is situated 18 kilometres from the Almerian capital, from where its possible to take the A-7 towards Granada, taking exit number 448 toward Benahadux. From there, continue along the national motorway 340 and cross Huércal de Almería and Benahadux in order to continue along the Almeria - Guadix road which will take you to your destination.