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Necrópolis Megalítica

This archaeological site features one of the largest and most interesting funerary complexes in the southeast of the peninsula. Different types of burials are represented, with the majority being megalithic, characterized by having a central chamber with a polygonal plan, built with large stones arranged vertically, and a flat roof made from large stone slabs.

Caz y Cubo del Molino de Araoz

This is the largest canal and deposit in the province of Almeria. It is 13m high from the floor of the mill and 9.5m from its base on the mountain to the top. The supporting wall of the canal is 95cm thick, and its height decreases as it approaches the water’s entrance.

Iglesia de la Virgen del Rosario

The church is the result of a long construction process that began in 1673 and ended in 1763. It started as a Baroque building and ended up as one of the greatest exponents of Almeria’s Neoclassicism. It is therefore an atypical building.

Castillo El Castillejo

Also known as Castillo de Ciscarejo, the castle is now an important archaeological site evidencing different phases of the town’s historical occupation. It is important to know the organization of the Andarax Valley and more so considering its proximity to the chalcolithic deposit of Los Millares.

Festivals in Gádor

Festivals in Gádor: Cabalgata Reyes Magos, Día de Andalucía, Jueves Lardero, Semana Santa, Fiestas de San Antonio, Festival de Santa Cruz and Festival de la Virgen del Rosario.


Gádor is a whitewashed village situated on the slopes of the Sierra de Gádor, its unique scenery of orange and lemon orchards creating an oasis in the middle of the desert. It has about 3,000 inhabitants.