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Huércal de Almería

Huércal de Almería

The town of Huércal de Almería formed part of the municipal district of Almería until the 19th Century. Nowadays, it is an important industrial centre in an area that comes under the name of Andarax.

Among the sights of the town, located in the comarca of Cabo de Gata, is the parish church, built in the 18th Century and in whose altar stands a statue of the Virgen de las Angustias de Salcillo.

Furthermore, those who are really interested in getting to know Huércal de Almería can visit the cave-dwellings, the Palacio de Arboleas or the library, whose beautiful entrance is definitely worth a mention.

Arts & Crafts

The craftsmanship of Huércal consists of, almost exclusively, basketmaking and the production of lace made from bobbins in the women´s association.


Gastronomically, there are a few dishes that really stand out in Huércal de Almería, such as the ´migas cortijeras´, seafood soup, pipirrana, choto al ajillo (lamb cooked in garlic) and rabbit cooked in garlic. When dessert or afternoon tea comes around, the opportunity to try the delicious borrachillos, papviejos, fried milk, soplillos, hornazos and fig bread arises and you do not want to be the one to miss it! 


The celebrations in this town take place during the first weekend of May in honour of San José Obrero. An open-air dance, a procession and may other activities are organized for the locals and visitors alike.

Huércal also breaks into celebration once again on 16th July, in honour of the Virgen del Carmen, and 24th June, in honour of San Juan. Furthermore, the Saturday of Gloria takes place on the Night of the Bouquets (Noche de los Ramos), where the youth offer other young people who are old enough to get married bouquets of flowers and play pranks on each other, which can sometimes be unpleasant!

How To Get There

Huércal de Almería is located 10 kilometres from the city of Almería, from where one can take the A-7 motorway towards Granada, taking exit number 448 towards Benahadux.