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Belonging to the municipality of Roquetas de Mar, Aguadulce is one of the most important touristic hubs of Almería province, located some 8km from Almería city. In 1964 it was declared first in the competition for Centre of National Touristic Interest in Spain. In 1950 it only had 27 houses and 300 inhabitants, however now the population is over 15,000 people and during the summer months, it goes up to 45,000.

They say that the name of the area comes from the fact that among the rocky hills that tower over the beach there are many water springs of crystal water, filtered and sweet, coming from the currents of Sierra de Dador. In the same sand, and even in the sea, the sweet water (agua dulce) rises and bubbles among the salty waves.

See below a selection of excellent excursions from Aquadulce to interesting locations in the countryside. The perfect opportunity to see some of the interesting aspects of Andalucia culture… More →

Aguadulce is one of the most important touristic hubs of Almería province, located only 8km from Almería city. The town experiences a huge influx of tourists during the summer season and, as a… More →


2,500 metres long and 30 metres wide, the Aguadulce beach is one of the most inviting on the Almeria coast. It´s wide variety of leisure and sports activities along with the selection of hotels right on the coast make it a very attractive destination for the thousands of tourist that arrive there every summer. An urban beach with all the necessary services and sports equipment.

Only 10 kilmetres from Almería, 15 minutes by car, Aguadulce is turning into an extension of the capital, with more and more almerian families making this their primary place of residence. During the weekends and in summer, the place is a haven for relaxation and fun for the younger crowd.

In addition to the promenade, from where you can enjoy the wonderful views to the Bay of Almeria, Aguadulce also has a marina which gets very busy at night. The Exhibition Centre is another stand-out feature of this modern urbanization, home to one of the biggest agricultural celebrations in the world, Expoagro.

Something that you must do when in Aguadulce is visit the Nature Reserve of Puntas Entinas-Sabinar on an excursion, as well as the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Níjar. Both have beautiful flora and fauna and an abundance of animals and other things to see. 

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The celebrations in honour of Virgen del Carmen take place between 16th and 18th of July. They are the only official festivities in the Aguadulce calendar, however during the weekends, especially in summertime, you can enjoy the leisure activities that go on at the marina.

How To Get There

From Almería city, take the N-340a and take exit 439a onto the A-7 motorway. Follow the A-7 and take exit number 429 onto Avenida el Parador. Follow this road onto the N-340a towards Aguadulce and you will find your destination.