Almeria Province - Sorbas


Sobras is an extremely impressive village, also known as Cuenca la Chica. It is located over a small plateau over the Río Aguas, and the white houses are almost suspended over the ravine. The most important attraction is the karst formation in the Yesos de Sobras, the most important of its kind in Europe and a must-see for lovers of potholing.

In a semi-deserted enclave and taking up more than 2,000 hectares lies the Natural Karst Terrain in the Casts of Sorbas, one of the biggest tourist attractions of this Almerian municipality. No wonder, as it is the best example of a karst formation in Spain and one of the most important in Europe. This geological jewel, a product of rainwater falling over thousands of years, has many caves, including El Agua, the biggest of them al; Covadura, the deepest; Tesoro and Yesos, considered the most beautiful. To traverse them and study their stalactites, stalagmites and gypsum crystals of different colours and forms, the best thing to do is to join a guided tour that are organized from the Centro de Visitantes Los Yesares, located in Terraplén street in Sorbas.



The urbanization and growth of this town is also interesting and surprising, considering that many of the houses are found suspended on the edge of a cliff called Afa. Among the web of narrow and steep streets of Arabic descent there are various viewpoints - Porche, Castillo, Calvario and Torreta, from where one can look at and contemplate the hanging houses and the beautiful environment that surrounds them.

Hotels & Accommodation

Due to the number of visitors coming to the Yesos de Sobras, more and more hotels and hostals are starting to appear around this area. There isn´t much in the town itself, however there is more than enough in the surrounding countryside to accommodate those who wish to visit. 

Hostal SorbasHostal Sorbas

This guest house is situated in Sorbas town. It offers a 24-hour reception and air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi, TV and a private balcony. Hostal Sorbas' bar-restaurant serves traditional regional food, specialising in grilled meats.


Hostal El ArrecifeHostal El Arrecife

Featuring free WiFi and an on-site bar, Hostal El Arrecife is located 9 km from Sorbas in the Almerian countryside. Each simply decorated air-conditioned room comes with a wardrobe, TV and tiled floor.



In the main square of Sorbas is where you will find the most important monuments: The Santa María Church, built in 16th Century on top of an old mosque and with many Mudéjar, baroque and neoclassic elements to it; The town hall, the houses of the Duke of Alba, the Duke of Valois and the Duke of Marqués del Carpio and the Villaespesa theatre.

In the areas surrounding the populated town centre lie the most interesting enclaves called La Mela and Cariatiz, where caves with rock paintings can be found. There is also a signposted route called Los Molinos del Río Agua, ideal for hiking fanatics.


Those who enjoy traditional arts and crafts will enjoy experiencing the neighbourhood of Alfarería in Sorbas, also called Las Cantarerías. In this area are streets lined with studios where they still make ceramic pieces and objects just like in the past, among them the typical earthenware pitcher made in the shape of a rooster. Pieces made from straw and tin can also be found.


Those who want to taste the local delicacies of the gastronomy of Sorbas will have to try, in addition to the delicious cold meats, wheat stew, gurullo pasta with rabbit, pepper soup, migas with bits of meat, garlic coup, gachas and sweet pastries like the fritters, candied pine-nuts or nougat, among other things.


To experience the town´s traditional celebrations, you have to go during Easter for the Festival of the Crosses, for the Pilgrimage of San Isidro, also in May, and for the San Roque celebrations during the month of August which are the most important and typical of Sorbas. In addition to other festive activities, during these times the streets are covered in donuts and during the Easter procession they throw donuts and sweet from the balconies to those below.


The town of Sorbas is located 194 kilometres from Almeria city, from where one should take the N-340 motorway towards Murcia.