Costa Almeria

Costa Almeria

Coastal property for sale on the Costa Almeria, Andalucia. The Costa Almeria, which runs from the fishing town of Adra in the west through the popular resort of Almerimar and Roquetas de Mar and the charming towns of Mojacar and Vera in the East. This stretch of coastline takes its name from the province.

Still harbouring largely undiscovered coastline, the Costa Almeria offers a staggering 320 days of sun a year and some superb beaches and hotels to enjoy it. Lively resorts in the eastern part offer plenty of accommodation options: yachting centre Almerimar, Roquetas de Mar and Aguadulce, with its long, inviting beach. For hotels in a quieter, more undeveloped area, head for the Cabo de Gata, a wild.

Hostals and hostels are a fantastic way to travel Andalucia on a budget. Despite their affordable prices, this doesn't mean to say that you have to compromise on quality, with many well known for their individual character and centralised location.

The Costa Almeria is the latest discovery - it's remote, wild beaches are becoming popular, so get in there now. Self-catering accommodation is an increasingly popular option in resorts such as Mojacar and Roquetas del Mar. If you like wide, open spaces, from your apartment you can visit Almeria's dry, desert landscape where many movies have been filmed.

This Costa is made up of the coastline of Almería province. The coastline is home to thousands of plastic greenhouses however there are also beautiful wildlife reserves lining the coast and of course, kilometers of beaches to attract sun seekers.

Las Negras takes its name from the mountain to the the left of the village, El Cerro Negro (“The Black Mountain”). This is a large mass of dark volcanic material, which has spread over the sea and beaches of the town as an effect of erosion, now filling the stony shoreline with its colour. The village has around 350 inhabitants.

This is the name of a small hamlet near on one of the major Capes of the Spanish Mediterranean coast. Although there are only a few houses, a small general store and a few beach bars here, its a good place to stock up on refreshments. The cape features a rocky coastline with a few inlets and very little sign of himan development. It gives it name to the Natural Park Cabo de Gata - Nijar.

Retamar is one of the coastal suburban towns of the city of Almería. With easy access to the airport and ample holiday apartments, it provides visitors from Spain and further afield with an ideal base from which to explore the Almerian cost. The town has around 7,000 inhabitants. The neighbourhood of Retamar has existed for just over 30 years.