Muralla de Jairan

The famous Muralla de Jairan ©Michelle Chaplow
The famous Muralla de Jairan

From the Alcazaba, the wall known as Muralla de Jairán, descends northwards through the Barranco de la Hoya, reaching the Cerro de San Cristóbal, built in the time of King Jairán (1012-1028) in the eleventh century. These are the remains of the wall of the Musalla neighbourhood.

On the hill, known in Muslim times as Mount Laham, there are seven towers, three of which are square built by the Moors and four of which are semi-circular built by the Templars of Alfonso VII, who made the place a fort-chapel after the Christian conquest under the command of Alfonso VII’s troops in 1147.

On the hill of Cerro de San Cristóbal there is an impressive viewpoint of the city, along with the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, made of Macael marble around 1930 restored in 2000. It blesses the city and the Mediterranean Sea.

Located off Camino San Cristóbal.


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