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Casa del Cine

La Casa del Cine,  where Lennon wrote Strawberry Fields © Michelle Chaplow
La Casa del Cine, the villa where Lennon wrote the Beatles song "Strawberry Fields"
Museum of Cinema is housed in the refurbished Santa Isabel © Michelle Chaplow
The Museum of Cinema is housed in the refurbished Santa Isabel (known locally as Cortijo Romero)

Casa Museo del Cine

Also known as Cortijo Romero or Casa de Santa Isabel, this house belonged to the Balmes family and was later acquired by the Almeria Town Hall to restore it and convert it into a museum due to its relationship with the world of cinema. This house was very famous during the 60s and 70s, when Almeria was known as European Hollywood, because many famous actors and actresses would stay here during filming, such as Clint Eastwood or Brigitte Bardot, who recorded sequences in the Tabernas Desert or Cabo de Gata. But fame also came when John Lennon stayed there in 1966 to participate in the filming of the film, “How I Won the War”, by director Richard Lester. Here, in addition, Lennon was inspired to compose Strawberry Fields Forever, so if this house was already somewhat popular, this fact made it more reputable if possible. The museum takes a tour of the cinematographic past of the province and preserves the historical memory. Located on Calle Camino Romero.

Opening Times:
1st October-31st May, Tuesday-Thursday and Sunday, 10:30- 13:30hrs
                                   Friday and Saturday, 10:30- 13:30hrs and 17:00-20:00hrs
1st June-30th September, Tuesday-Thursday and Sunday, 10:30-13:30hrs
                                   Friday and Saturday 10:30-13:30hrs and 18:00-21:00hrs

Adults: 3 euros
Under 18 and Over 64: 2 euros
Under 6: free entrance

Tel: 950 21 00 30 (guided tours available)


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