Almeria city offers great opportunities for those wanting to explore Andalucian coastline or venture into the Sierra Nevada national park mountain range just over an hours' drive away. Being a coastal city, ferries are available to take you across to African Algeria or Morocco where new cultures await your exploration.

Filled with important and fascinating historical attractions, Almeria is the capital of Andalucia's most easterly province of the same name. The Alcazaba of Almería, a huge attraction, is the second largest among the Muslim fortresses of Andalusia, after the Alhambra of Granada. Rentals are usually located near the winding streets that just beg to be explored. Below are a few rentals we could suggest.

Almeria is one of the least-known provincial capitals in Andalucia. But lately this ancient port city has been experiencing a renaissance, thanks to an urban regeneration programme which started in 2007 and is scheduled to finish in 2013.

See below a selection of excellent excursions from Almeria to interesting locations in the countryside. The perfect opportunitiy to see some of the interesting aspects of Andalucia culture without the hassle of having to organise them yourself. These excursions all depart from a central hotels or central points in Almeria town.

Vanguard artists whose work is displayed include Antonio Lopez. Four rooms display the works, which including paintings, sculpture and photography in neo-realistic and figurative styles. The museum is run jointly by the Fundacion de Arte Ibañez-Cosentino and the Ayuntamiento de Almeria.

The museum is spread over three floors, and features a large-scale relief model of the city and a five-minute high-definition film, shot mainly by drone, of Almeria's history and main sights. The model and film offer an excellent introduction to Almeria city for visitors - a good way to orient yourself, and to see what the city has to offer.

This small private museum, opened in 2015, is the house of the most renowned Spanish intellectuals of the 20th century's latter half. Poet, essayist, novelist and translator Jose Angel Valente (1929-2000), originally from Galicia, occupied the traditional house with tiled floors and wood-beamed ceilings for the last 15 years of his life. Here you can learn about his life and work, and see how closely connected to Almeria was, and how much the city and region influenced his writing.

Also known as Almeria Museo Arqueologico - Archaeological Museum of Almeria is housed in an award-winning contemporary building, this museum displays the considerable archaeological wealth of the province, from prehistoric remains discovered by the Siret brothers at Los Millares, to Roman statues.

Almeria has an abundance of restaurants, tapas bars and cafés offering delicious food and snacks at reasonable prices. Like many places in Andalucia, a lot of tapas bars in Almería serve a small tapas dish with every round of drinks or drink ordered. Restaurant quality in the city can vary.