Almeria City - Things to See

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Almeria City

Things to See in Almeria

Places to go and things to see in the city of Almeria.

Alcazaba de Almeria

The hilltop Alcazaba's hefty walls and towers dominate the city and command magnificent views over the old town below and across to the Mediterranean. More >


Almeria's cathedral is at the heart of the old part of the city and was begun in 1524 to replace a predecessor wrecked by the earthquake in 1522. More >

Art Galleries

Enjoy Almeria's many art Galleries from photographic galleries to permanent art exhibitions including artists such as Picasso and Goya. More >

Muralla de Jairan

Built in the 11th century by Jairan, the first ruler of the Almeria taifa, the wall descends the valley on the north side of the Alcazaba. More >


Almería as one of the eight provincial capitals of Andalucia houses various museums, including the historic Almeria Museum and a Contemporary Art Museum. 
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Casa del Cine

The Casa del Cine is a museum dedicated to the international film industry, it is also the villa John Lennon stayed in whilst filming in Almeria, and when he wrote the song Stawbery Fields Forever. More >

Plaza de la Constitution

Plaza de la Constitution is also called Plaza Vieja, this square in the centre of the old town is located close to the cathedral and the Alcazaba.
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Real Monasterio de la Encarnacion

This convent is located on one side of Plaza Vieja, opposite the CIP and tourist office, officially called Real Monasterio de la Encarnacion, it is known locally as Las Claras. More >

El Cable Ingles

An extraordinary piece of industrial heritage, this railway pier was the loading bay for the mines in Alquife (Granada) which produced iron ore, copper and silver. More >

The Iglesia de Santiago Apostol

The Iglesia de Santiago Apostol is one of the oldest in Almeria city, and was founded by the Reyes Catolicos in 1494, just five years after they recaptured the city from the Moors. More >

Casa de Puga

Casa de Puga is a tapas institution in Almeria. Opened in 1870, is deeply traditional in both decor and cuisine. More >

Old Railway Station

This was built in 1893, with the first line being Almeria to Guadix. It is a brick building with a central section of iron and glass. More >

Teatro Cervantes

This historic theatre was built between 1886 and 1921.The project was started by the local bourgeouisie.
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Puerta de Puchena

This actually not a gate, but a square – it is located near Plaza Vieja. Its name was altered after the Christian Reconquest by a transcription error.
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Almeria Port Interpretation Centre

This centre in Almeria portholds two important archaeological remains: a salted fish factory and one of the gates from the Islamic wall which enclosed the city. More >

Parque Nicolas Salmeron

The park, named after the Almerian politician and President of the First Republic (Federico Garcia Lorca), is Almeria city’s main green space..
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