Things to See in Almeria City

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Almeria City

Things to See in Almeria

Places to go and things to see in the city of Almeria.

The hilltop Alcazaba's hefty walls and towers dominate the city and command magnificent views over the old town below and across to the Mediterranean. Measuring 25,000m2, this was the largest… More →

During the Muslin era, Almeria did not have a water supply network for buildings, making it necessary to build bathing areas and washing fountains. We have news of the water supply to Almeria… More →

The only public center of photography in Spain, the Andalusian Center of Photography (CAF) is situated what was the once the Lycée Français of Almeria. It is a headquarters space created for… More →

This park is located between the port and city, running from Avenida Reina Regente (the lower end of Avenida Federico Garcia Lorca)in the east, to Puerta del Socorro and Avenida del Mar in the… More →

This centre in Almeria portholds two important archaeological remains: a salted fish factory, the only Roman remains preserved in the city; and one of the gates from the Islamic wall which… More →

The Puerta de Purchena where the old Pechina gateof the city walls stood. Its name was altered after the Christian Reconquest by a transcription error, confusing the names of twoAlmeria towns,… More →

This historic theatre was built between 1886 and 1921, with a long delay due to financing problems. The project was started by the local bourgeouisie which organisedmany tertulias (informal… More →

The land for the station was acquired in 1880 and the work on the old station began by the Compañía de los Caminos de Hierro del Sur de España in 1890 and was completed in 1893… More →

Casa de Puga is a tapas institution in Almeria. The bar/restaurant on Calle Jovellanos (no 7), which opened in 1870, is deeply traditional in both decor and cuisine. Originally the building was… More →

The Iglesia de Santiago Apostol is one of the oldest in Almeria city, and was founded by the Reyes Catolicos (Catholic Kings) in 1494, just five years after they recaptured the city from the… More →

An extraordinary piece of industrial heritage, this railway pier was the loading bay for the mines in Alquife (Granada), which produced iron ore, copper and silver. Its continuing survival despite… More →

This convent is located on one side of Plaza Vieja, opposite the CIP and tourist office. Officially called Real Monasterio de la Encarnacion, it is known locally as Las Claras. The church dates… More →

This beautiful gallery is in the restored house of Doña Francisca Torres Diaz (1911-2014, known as Doña Pakyta), an Almerian businesswoman and environmentalist thanks to whom the eastern Almeria… More →

Plaza de la Constitution is also called Plaza Vieja, this square in the centre of the old town is located close to the cathedral and the Alcazaba. The square, which is narrow at one end, is… More →

Also known as Cortijo Romero or Casa de Santa Isabel, this house belonged to the Balmes family and was later acquired by the Almeria Town Hall to restore it and convert it into a museum due to its… More →

Almeria has an abundance of restaurants, tapas bars and cafés offering delicious food and snacks at reasonable prices. Like many places in Andalucia, a lot of tapas bars in Almería serve a small… More →

Exhibitions and workshops are organised on a regular basis at the Centro Andaluz de la Fotografía (CAF). Opened in 1992, it focuses on all aspects of photography at a local and international level… More →

Andalusia is not alone in its quest for the convenience of large out-of-town shopping centres or commercial centres ( centros comerciales, more commonly abbreviated to C.C). Over the past five… More →

The Club de Mar de Almería is a nautical club located in Almería, Andalusia. It is one of the most important clubs in Spain, along with the rest of the members of the Spanish Association of… More →

Almería as one of the eight provincial capitals of Andalucia houses various museums. True historians will appreciate the Almeria Museum which contains numerous objects discovered by the well-known… More →

Built in the 11th century by Jairan (or Jayran), the first ruler of the Almeria taifa (1012-1028), the wall descends the valley on the north side of the Alcazaba and climbs the Cerro de San… More →

This fortified behemoth of a basilica was designed in the 16th century with a dual role: as a place of worship, but also to protect the citizens when pirates attacked the city of Almeria after the… More →

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Almería: Guided Visit to the Alcazaba - Small groups

Discover the most important monument of the city and know its history by the hand of an expert guide.The Alcazaba is one of the largest fortified complexes in Spain with 40,000 m2.The first thing we will go through will be the Justice Gate, a replica of the Justice Gate of the Alhambra in Granada.We will cross the large gardens of the first enclosu

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Private Market Tour and Paella Cooking Lesson in Almeria with Juan


Enjoy a private and authentic market tour and cooking class in a local Almeria home with your host Juan. This is a perfect experience for anyone looking to connect with local culture over food. Born in Valencia, the hometown of paella, Juan’s specialty is paella! He also enjoys making a variety of dishes that incorporate rice.