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Itineraries - From Almeria airport

© Michelle Chaplow Driving around the province of Almeria
Driving around the province of Almeria

From almeria Airport

If you want to visit a small but historic Andalucian city, then Almeria airport is where to collect your hire car. The surrounding area offers some of Spain's finest and most unusual beaches - wide sweeps of sand hemmed in by rose-coloured cliffs. This area is as yet undeveloped, so it's a perfect destination for those who prefer quiet days lazing in the sun, away from busy towns and noisy crowds. Movie-lovers will enjoy a visit to the old Hollywood film sets, where many Westerns were filmed, and where you can still see gunfights and dancing girls in a saloon bar.

Hire a car is best way to get around as public transport is limited.  Consult our general Car Hire page



Itineraries from Almeria airport

Desert & Deserted beaches Wild, wild west
Almeria - Cabo de Gata - San Jose - beaches - Rodalquilar - (3-5 days)
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Almeria - Tabernas - Almeria - (Day trip) Or continue to Guadix - Granada
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