Deserts and beaches - Itinerary from Almeria airport

Deserts and beaches - Itinerary from Almeria airport

Itinerary: Almeria - Cabo de Gata - San Jose - beaches - Rodalquilar - (3-5 days)

Leave Almeria on the N344, heading east. Then take the small road towards the town of Cabo de Gata, and carry on as far as the road goes, past the salt flats on your left. You will reach Faro de Gata, the lighthouse - enjoy the open sea views. Head back along the same road, taking the right turn to Ruescas, then right again - you're driving behind Cabo de Gata, as the cape itself is a national park.

Finally, you'll reach San Jose, a delightful seaside town. Not as highly developed (vertically speaking) or as sprawling as the Costa del Sol resorts, this town retains its local atmosphere. Nearby are several of Andalucia's finest beaches - not in terms of facilities, as there are none, but sheer natural beauty: Playa de los Genoveses, Playa de Monsul and Playa Media Luna. Wide stretches of golden sand, and not a building in sight.

Continue north along the coast road to Rodalquilar, a boho-chic desert town complete with spiky cacti. Its white, cubist houses are reminiscent of the Balearics. Then follow the road as it heads back inland, looking out for Roman wells and Moorish house. Take the A7 motorway back to Almeria.

While there aren't many monuments to see, as such, it's best to take a few days to explore this undeveloped stretch of coast at your leisure - lie back, chill out and enjoy some of Andalucia's - and Spain's - finest beaches.

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