Wild wild west - Itinerary from Almeria airport

Wild wild west - Itinerary from Almeria airport

Itinerary: Almeria - Tabernas - Almeria - (Day trip) Or continue to Guadix - Granada

If you're a fan of Wild West movies, or you have children in your group, then this outing is perfect for you. Take the A92 north out of Almeria, then turn off to the right on the N340 towards Mini Hollywood.

This is the Tabernas desert, where hundreds of Spaghetti westerns were filmed in the 1960s and 1970s. Think Clint Eastwood in a hat and Mexican shawl. Here you can watch cowboys staging gunfights and hold-ups, and visit forts and saloon bars, all on the original film sets. There are two different theme parks, Mini Hollywood and Texas Hollywood Almeria.

If you want to extend your trip back to Granada, continue up the A92 north-west, between the Sierra de Baza and the Sierra Nevada, to Guadix. This is a fascinating town of cave-dwellers, or troglodytes. You can usually see one wall, or even just a door, plus a chimney above, to let you know someone lives inside the rock.

From Guadix, it's an easy drive back along the A92, through the Sierra Arana, the northern part of the Sierra Nevada, to Granada.


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