Parque Nicolas Salmeron

Parque Nicolas Salmeron

This park, situated between the port and city, runs along the city side of the N-340a coast road (Carratera de Malaga) is named after the Almerian politician and President of the First Republic, Nicolas Salmerón. The park is Almeria city's main green space. It is actually 2.3km long, divided into two areas - Parque Viejo (west) and Parque Nuevo (east), with Calle Real as the separator, and runs parallel to Carretera de Malaga.

Parque Viejo dates from the nineteenth century, after the old defensive city walls and San Luis fort were knocked down. The shady park has many centennial trees, as well as fountains and pools, including Fuente de las Peces (Fountain of the Fishes), which marks the point between the old and new sections at the junction with Calle Real. The fountain was designed by, Jesus de Perceval, in the late 1950s and features three huge carved stone fish creatures.

Parque Nuevo was added after the Spanish Civil War and revamped in the 1970s to celebrate Spanish Naval Week.

Salmerón himself, who came from Alhama de Almería, was one of the presidents of the First Republic. Previously, the park was dedicated to Alfonso XIII, then Primo de Rivera during the Dictatorship. In 1979 Almeria’s green seaside promenade received its current name; you can see a bust of the President at the western end of the park.