Almeria City - Teatro Cervantes

Teatro Cervantes

This historic theatre was built between 1886 and 1921, with a long delay due to financing problems. The project was started by the local bourgeouisie which organisedmany tertulias (informal discussion groups), one of whom first adopted the indalo man as its symbol, now ubiquitous as the province's logo.

It has a beautiful yellow and white interior with decorative gilding, in Italian style, including a semicircle of small boxes behind the stalls and two circles. The theatre has always played a central role in the city's cultural life.

The theatre is well known for the events that occurred during a performance of Santa Isabel of Ceres in 1922. Famous local actress Conchita Robles wasshot dead by her estranged soldier husband, Carlos Verdugo, who disapproved of her acting. (The audience thought it was part of the play, and applauded enthusiastically.) A printing apprentice called Juan (or possibly Manuel)Aguilar was also killed when he tried to protect Conchita. About 20,000people turned out for her funeral, held in Almeria; Verdugo was sentenced to life imprisonment. You can even buy a cava called Conchita Robles, produced for the theatre as part of a programme to restore the building to its original glamour.

You can see copla, dance, opera, zarzuela, traviata, plays - including classics by the like of Lorca and - and a wide variety of entertainment for all ages. They also put on movie screenings, and the short film festival is held here every year.

Originally the theatre entrance was via the façade on the seafront Paseo de Almeria, where the Mercantile and Industrial Circle is now located.

Calle del Poeta Villaespesa 1, 04001 Almería

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