Almeria City Museums

Museums in Almeria

Almería as one of the eight provincial capitals of Andalucia houses various museums. True historians will appreciate the Almeria Museum which contains numerous objects discovered by the well-known Belgian mining engineer, Louis Siret. The contemporary art museum is well worth visiting. Take a stroll around Almeria and discover for yourself numerous examples of beautiful street art.

The only public center of photography in Spain, the Andalusian Center of Photography (CAF) is situated what was the once the Lycée Français of Almeria. It is a headquarters space created for… More →

The Spanish Guitar Museum is more than a museum space; it is an exhibition and information center that through an entertaining and simple way, allow visitors to get to know one of the most popular… More →

This centre in Almeria portholds two important archaeological remains: a salted fish factory, the only Roman remains preserved in the city; and one of the gates from the Islamic wall which… More →

The second most important art museum in Almeria. In this museum of contemporary art, up to 4 different artistic disciplines are exhibited and works from 1980 to the present are shown, which makes… More →

This modern, interactive museum explains the history of Almeria city, spread over three floors, and features a large-scale relief model of the city and a five-minute high-definition film, shot… More →

osé Ángel Valente Docasar was a Spanish poet, essayist and translator of Galician origin who lived a large part of his life in the city of Almeria. He won numerous awards for his extensive work,… More →

This beautiful gallery is in the restored house of Doña Francisca Torres Diaz (1911-2014, known as Doña Pakyta), an Almerian businesswoman and environmentalist thanks to whom the eastern Almeria… More →

Also known as Almería Museo Arqueológico, the museum is housed in an award-winning contemporary building, displaying the considerable archaeological wealth of the province, from prehistoric… More →

Also known as Cortijo Romero or Casa de Santa Isabel, this house belonged to the Balmes family and was later acquired by the Almeria Town Hall to restore it and convert it into a museum due to its… More →