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Museo de Almeria

Mueso de Almería

Also known as Almería Museo Arqueológico, the museum is housed in an award-winning contemporary building, displaying the considerable archaeological wealth of the province, from prehistoric remains discovered by the Siret Brothers at Los Millares, to Roman statues.

It first opened as two rooms in the Escuela de Artes y Oficios in 1934, however the museum’s present location has 4 floors, with the permanent exhibition on the first 2 floors. Many exhibits are aimed at children, with interactive displays and audio-visual elements aimed at the YouTube generation.

A vertical timeline in the centre of the stairwell, the 13m-high Stratigraphic Column, provides information about the historical sequence of Almeria’s archaeological sites. You can study it as you climb to the top floor, or take the lift up and see it on the way down.

Innovative displays on the first and second floors show how the earliest communities of Los Millares and El Argar lived (3rd and 2nd millennium BC) and farmed, as well as reconstructions of historic monuments from the era such as burial chambers. A circular tomb area with model skeletons arranged exactly as they were found is the closest you can get to seeing inside a dolmen - more accessible than the dark, cramped claustrophobia of the authentic experience. An audio-visual display recreates the burial rituals.

You can also see displays explaining archaeological methodology (ground floor), and finds from the Roman era, including a beautiful statue, the Bacchus of Chirivel, as well as relics from Islamic Almeria (both third floor) and small pieces such as idols, jewelry, and ceramics.

Carretera de Ronda, Calle Hermanos Pinzón.

Opening Times:
Tuesday to Saturday, 09:00-18:00hrs
Sunday, 09:00-15:00hrs

Admission: Free for EU citizens and residents, 1.50 euros for others, although in practice they don’t charge anyone.


Tel: 950 100 409



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