Museo de Arte de Almeria

Museo de Arte de Almería Espacio 2

The second most important art museum in Almeria. In this museum of contemporary art, up to 4 different artistic disciplines are exhibited and works from 1980 to the present are shown, which makes it a reference space within the world of modern art. It is distributed in four exhibition halls. There is also a hall dedicated to temporary exhibitions. Hall 1 and 2 house permanent exhibitions with artists of various styles from the 80s who reacted to the Indalian Movement, breaking with their traditional themes and style. In Hall 3 there are works from the 90s and in Hall 4 the most contemporary photography from Almeria by highly prestigious authors such as, Carlos Pérez Siquier, Manuel Falces - promoter of CAF - or Carlos de Paz, among others, is exhibited. It is an essential museum for lovers of modern art. Located on Calle Jardín de Medina (next to NH Hotel), Autovía del Aeropuerto.

Opening Times:

1st October-31st May, Tuesday-Thursday, 10:30-13:30hrs

                                    Friday and Saturday, 10:30-13:30hrs and 17:00-20:00hrs

                                    Sunday, 10:30-13:30hrs

1st June-30th September, Tuesday-Thursday, 10:30-13:30hrs

                                    Friday and Saturday, 10:30-13:30hrs and 18:00-21:00hrs

                                    Sunday, 10:30-13:30hrs

Free Entrance

Tel: 664 23 03 46


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