Almeria City - Five Fascinating Facts

Almeria City - Five Fascinating Facts

The city of Almería © Michelle Chaplow
The city of Almería

Almeria was, until recently, the last well-known of Andalucia's provincial capitals. These days, however, thanks to the growing popularity of the province's beaches, especially nearby Cabo de Gata and its natural park, more visitors are getting to know Andalucia's fastest-growing major city. It remains, for now at least, largely uncommercialised - Andalucia before the tourists arrived - and is known as a 'rough diamond', a relaxed place with surprisingly good nightlife.

Almeria is the most African of Andalucia's port cities (Huelva, Cadiz, Malaga) - it is sometimes called 'an extension of Morocco'.



Like Rio Tinto, in Huelva province, Almeria became a focus for French and British mining companies in the 19th century, reviving the city's… More →

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La Chanca is a colourful area, both culturally and visually, located between the Alcazaba and the old town and stretching down the hill to the port. Its brightly-painted houses, begging to be… More →


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