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Cabo de Gata Beaches

Cabo de Gata

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One of Spain's main geographical headlands. Lots of rocky headlands and sandy coves. The area is protected as a Natural Park of Cabo de Gata - Nijar.

The coastal road is blocked to through traffic just to the east, making for a truly tranquil experience; where the road ends you will find the stunning Mirador de las Sirenas a viewpoint looking out over the Mediterranean . The viewpoint takes its name, Sirena (mermaid) from the rocky outcrops that pepper the coastline, one of which looks like a mermaid basking in the sun. The viewpoint sits just next to the lighthouse, Faro de la Vela Blanca which also has beautiful vistas across the sea and across the surrounding beaches.

The long, straight beach between the Cape and the small village of the same name is a popular retreat during summer weekends with residents of Almeria City. If you enjoy bird watching, look out for the pink flamingos and other rare birds on the salt flats of the Reserva de las Salinas, also keep your eyes peeled for the ruined church and the ghost town.

They look like something out of a film set, but just demonstrate that some years ago the salt must have been a sought-after commodity.

Back in the town you will find a number of chiringuitos and seaside restaurants, it is a quaint little fishing town with numerous boats bobbing around the shore. You can even still find an outdoor washing facility complete with a stone washboard!

Further evidence of the towns ancient rural history can be seen in the preserved Pozo (well) and irrigation system which sits on the edge of the quaint hamlet, a detailed information board and diagrams are on show to better explain how it supplied the villagers.

In the town it is worth your while to climb the Mirador de la Isleta another viewpoint which offers a spectacular view of the famous Isleta del Moro, a volcanic rock formation that sits across the bay. The volcanic history of the rocks is what makes it such a unique destination, as it is filled with black rocks, which gives the name to the neigbouring beach Playa de las Negras (black beach).



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