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Cala San Pedro, Cabo de Gata, Almeria

Cala San Pedro, Cabo de Gata, Almeria

Cala San Pedro is isolated cove to the north has a spring that has made it an oasis amidst the arid lands of the park. Its subtropical flora, calm waters, lack of vehicle access and designation as a nudist beach have all made it the congregational space for a small hippie community. Despite prohibition of overnight camping in the Natural Park, the cove and its surroundings have deteriorated. This is worsened by passing visitors not respecting the cove.

This isolated cove is picture-postcard perfect, overlooked by a 16th century castle with tower (built to protect the coast from Berber pirates), and ruined fishing village abandoned after an earthquake.

The cove is more easily accessed from the village of Las Negras to the south than the nearer Agua Amarga from the north. The 4km-walk from Las Negras takes about an hour; in the summer you can take a boat taxi for about 6€ one way.

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