Shopping Centres in Almeria

Shopping Centres - Almeria

Andalucia is not alone in its quest for the convenience of large out-of-town shopping centres or commercial centres ( centros comerciales) . Over the past five years shopping centres in Andalucia have become increasingly prevalent and in Andalucia today they form an integral part of most peoples’ shopping experience.

List of shopping centres in Almeria city

Av. Mediterráneo, 244, 04006 Almería (Almería). Tel: 950 22 93 13

Centro Mediterraneo
Av. Mediterráneo, s/n, 04006 Almería (Almería). Tel: 950 14 42 87

List of shopping centres in Almeria province

El Corte Inglés at El Ejido Shopping Centre, Paseo de Pedro Ponce, s/n, El Ejido, 04700 (Almería). Tel: 950 542 000

Parque Comercial Copo
Ctra. de Almerimar s/n, 04700 El Ejido (Almería). Tel: 950 48 91 50

La Esquina de Puerto Rey
Av. Puerto Rey, s/n, 04620 Vera (Almería), Tel: 950 61 70 15

Parque Comercial Mojacar
Multicentro Cruce Playa, s/n, 04638 Mojácar (Almería). Tel: 950 47 8406

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