Shopping in Marbella. Info about Fashion, Jewelry, Markets, Department Stores and Shopping Centres.

Jewellery shops in Marbella, including Chopard bouttique, Erum, Gomez and Molina, Princess Bea Auersperg.

Fashion shops are located in three areas. In the old town and centre of Marbella, in the La Cañada shopping centre, and in Puerto Banus, both in the Marina and in the comercial area next to it which includes Costa Marbella comercial centre (El Corte Inglés) and Marina Banus shopping centre.  

Most of the main high street names- Zara, Pull and Bear, H&M- can be found on Calle Reyes Católicos, which is perpendicular with Gran Vía de Colón. There are also several stores on the adjoining Calle Recogidas. If you are looking for more unique pieces then don't miss the individual boutiques in the the quaint old streets of the city's historic quarter, particularly the Alcaiceria or Great Bazaar.

Along with the sun, sea and sand attracting people to Marbella and the Costa del Sol, ‘La Cañada' shopping centre is another huge attraction for tourists and inhabitants alike. It was built by ‘General de Galerías Comerciales' and was designed with the latest technology in mind, using only the finest materials for construction and decoration. With revolutionary design and technology the Shopping Centre has managed to incorporate first-rate architecture with the best national and international firms in all sectors.

Traditionally, British ex-pats living in nearby Spain have flocked to Gibraltar to bank and to shop for those tastes of home such as Cheddar cheese and tea bags. The latter are now freely available in Spain but the ex-pats still flock to the Rock for a different shopping experience.

An important part of the lead-up to Christmas for Andalucians involves one of their favourite pastimes - shopping. This isn't just about making purchases, whether gifts or food for one of the big family meals; it's about browsing, wandering through stores looking at things, discussing them - at length and in detail - with friends and family (jamon, decorations, belen figures, shoes, kitchen equipment) over coffee.

Andalucia is not alone in its quest for the convenience of large out-of-town shopping centres or commercial centres ( centros comerciales) . Over the past five years shopping centres in Andalucia have become increasingly prevalent and in Andalucia today they form an integral part of most peoples’ shopping experience.