Almeria Province - Carboneras

Carboneras is popular for its pristine beaches. © Michelle Chaplow
Carboneras is popular for its pristine beaches.


The Almerían town of Carboneras is a perfect tourist destination for nature lovers as it has a unique and spectacular environment. You can simply enjoy the spectacular views or practice open-air sports such as hiking or scuba diving. It is set within the Nature Reserve of Cabo de Gata-Níjar, one of the most arid protected areas in Europe and the only with a coast in the whole of Andalucía.


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Carboneras is also chosen by those who simply want to enjoy a day of sun and beach. Among the many beaches is that of ´Los Muertos´, which is inside the fore mentioned natural park. You will find it hidden between mountains, with an extraordinarily straight shoreline. It´s not easy to get to and maybe due to this, it is frequently attended by nudists.


Its antique structure, formed by white houses that face the sea, started in the 16th Century surrounding the Castle of San Andrés, the most important monument in Carboneras and which allowed it to become part of the Ruta de Castillos through Andalusian land. A few metres from this historical building one finds another which attracts attention in the group of country houses: the House of the Springs (Casa de los Fuentes), an ancient stately palace from the 19th Century that now gives home to the Town Hall. And in this same area, the so-called Andalusian Patio, a leisure park located by the banks of the Paseo Marítimo, with beautiful gardens and a stately home also from the 19th Century which is known as the Terracotta House (Casa de las Tejas).

Other buildings of interest are the Torre del Rayo (tower of lightning), the oldest construction in Carboneras that was put up during the Nazrid dynasty as part of a lina of defense along the coast; The Castillo de Mesas Roldán, from the 18th Century and situated between the Punta de los Muertos and the Media Naranja; and the so-called Casa de Laberinto (House of the Labyrinth), situated in front of the Las Martinicas beach.

Carboneras on the coast of Almeria. © Michelle Chaplow
Carboneras on the coast of Almeria.


Among the different beaches that define the 17 kilometres of coast in Carboneras, the beach of Los Algarrobicos stands out as it was the setting for the famous film of Lawrence of Arabia. The beach of Los Barquicos is very popular among those who practice scuba diving and that of el Lancón, which, like the previous one, is well-equipped with all the services and facilities necessary to meet the needs of even the most demanding of tourists. From its natural maritime environment comes the Island of San Andrés, declared a Natural Monument and Marine Reserve of Fish.


Those who wish to try the exquisite delicacies of the local gastronomy will have no hesitation in trying the rabbit cooked in garlic, smoked tuna and numerous other seafood dishes such as ´galán´. 


For those who would like to experience the celebrations and parties of Carboneras, the Fiestas de San Antonio in June are a must, with the traditional recreation of the battle of the Moors and Christians on the beach. There is also the Fiesta de los Pescadores (Fishermans festival) halfway through August, with the marine procession and the ´sardiná´ in the fishing port.

How to get there

Carboneras is located 70 kilometres from Almería city, from where one can take the A-7 motorway and exit number 494 towards Murcia. Then link onto the N-341 which will take you directly to your destination.