River Andarax Valley

River Andarax Valley

The River Andarax flows into the Mediterranean sea at the city of Almeria. Inland from Almeria city there are a number of villages that occupy land on the flatter and fertile soil that is not found in the surrounding mountains.  Most of the village which are grouped within the Comarca of Cabo de Gata are of little interest to tourists, however Los Millares is  Europe´s largest Bronze Age settlement. 

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Viator is buzzing in October, when the popular Fiesta de la Longaniza is celebrated, coinciding with the pork slaughter season. The town has about 5,980 inhabitants. The name ‘Viator’ indicates a… More →

Santa Fe de Mondújar has a wealth of archaeological highlights, including the well-known Los Millares, a site of Copper Age remains. The town has about 460 inhabitants. The area has been home to… More →

Rioja is particularly special in October, when the residents flood the streets to celebrate the festival of their patron saint, the Virgen del Rosario. It has about 1,450 inhabitants. The… More →

Situated in valley of the Sierra de Alhamilla and served by the Andaráx River, Pechina is well-known for its magnificent Balneario of 58ºC hot springs, which is open all year round. Pechina plays… More →

Huércal de Almería formed part of the municipal district of Almería until the nineteenth century, but today it is an important industrial centre in the Andarax Valley. It has about 17,418… More →

Gádor is a whitewashed village situated on the slopes of the Sierra de Gádor, its unique scenery of orange and lemon orchards creating an oasis in the middle of the desert. It has about 3,000… More →

Benahadux sits over the Andarax River and is home to many archaeological remains from the Copper Age. The town’s primary economic activity is the production and trade of straw, oranges and… More →

This archaological site is located 20 kms north west of Almeria, between the villages of Gador and Santa Fe de Mondujar. The site dates back to 1800 BC, when it was probably the location of Spain'… More →

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