Almería Alpujarra

Almería Alpujarra

This Almeria part of the Alpujarras is less well known than the Granada Alpujarras to the west. Both parts share the same characteristics and historical origins. They are the sheltered southern facing slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

The area comprises of 24 villages that mainly centre on the higher reaches of the river Andarax. In its  fertile valley are terraces irrigated by the acequias system of Arab times. Many different fruit trees are cultivated, as well as vines and olive trees.

Most of these villages have their origin in the era of Muslim Andalucia, hence the typical architecture of the Alpujarra buildings, although in some they have  found traces of Roman civilization, as well as prehistoric remains.

Of special interest is the Desfiladero del río Nacimiento, the palace of Fuente Victoria, and the village of  Fondón, where the last king of Al-Andalus, Boabdil, took refuge after he lost his kingdom to the Christians.

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