Instinción is a former Arabic village situated on the south bank of the Andarax River, midway along its course. It has about 450 inhabitants.


The name Instinción is believed to be of Latin origin, dating from the time of Augustus, in Romanized Hispania. However, is has also been argued that Instinción was the name of a Muslim Princess from the Nasrid family. The town was a Muslim farmhouse during the Middle Ages, sitting in a privileged enclave next to fertile and strategic land on the Alpujarra road. During this period, the town was known as Estançihum, and between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries it was registered as one of the ten constituent areas of the Taha de Marchena.More>


Iglesia Parroquial San Juan Bautista
The Mudejar church of San Juan Bautista surprises visitors with its beautiful and impressive bell tower, which acts as a viewpoint over the fertile plain. Inside, the separation arch between the main chapel and the central nave, the cloth covering the main chapel and the roof are all of note. Located on Calle Nueva.


Instinción has a varied gastronomy typical of the area, with dishes such as pipirrana de tomate seco (cod and tomato stew), guisadillo (lamb stew), ajo blanco (almond and garlic soup), escabeche (fish cured in vinegar), ajillo de conejo (rabbit with garlic), encebollado (liver with onions), fritada (tomato sauce) and tabirnas colorás (potato and red pepper stew). Sweet dishes include roscos (aniseed doughnuts), soplillos (meringues), bizcocho de naranja (orange sponge cake) and pastel de limón (lemon pudding).


Popular festivals in Instinción are Fiestas de San Sebastián, La Candelaria, Semana Santa and Romería de San Saturnino. More>


The tourist office is located in the town hall. More>


The neighbouring villages to Instinción are Íllar and Rágol.