Los Velez

Los Velez

Tucked away in the little-visited northern corner of the province is the Sierra María-Los Vélez Natural Park, a surprisingly extensive wooded area, given the otherwise arid aspect of Almeria´s territory, where there are some superb walks. The two main towns in the park - Vélez Rubio and Vélez Blanco - are well worth a visit, particularly the latter for its original castle and Cueva de los Letreros with prehistoric rock paintings.

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María forms part of the Parque Natural Sierra de María-Los Vélez and is one of the area’s greatest attractions. It has an interesting archaeological heritage, especially present in the cave… More →

Chirivel is the fourth town of the comarca of Los Vélez in the north of the Almeria province, south of the Sierra de María. It is worth a visit in April to see the almond trees blossoming. It has… More →

Vélez Blanco nestles at the foot of a rocky outcrop forming part of the Sierra de María-Los Velez Natural Park and the Ruta de los Castillos (route of castles) through Andalusia. It is as a… More →

The municipality of Vélez-Rubio is the capital of Los Vélez district, forming part of the Sierra María-Los Vélez Natural Park. It has been declared an official Place of Cultural Interest due to… More →

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They are in a still better state of preservation, but you may only visit them with a guide. However, if you're interested, the tourist information office at Vélez Rubio, or the town hall at Vélez… More →

The prehistoric cave paintings of the Cueva de los Letreros are spectacular, they can be found 3km out of the town of Velez Rubio. To get to the caves follow the A317 north until you reach a… More →

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Lovers of rural tourism will find a variety of accommodation opportunities including hotels, rentals and camping. Hiking is a popular activity as the natural park provides some lovely signed… More →

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Designated a natural park in 1987, the Sierra María-Los Vélez occupies the eastern end of the Cordillera Subbética in the north of Almeria province. It covers 22,670ha, a landscape of impressive… More →