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Spanish Christmas Songs © iStock
Spanish Christmas Songs © iStock

5 Fascinating Facts about Christmas

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SEASONAL SONGS: Villancicos, zambombas, and other musical

Flamenco, the music and dance form of Andalucia, has influenced, and become fused with, many other different types of music, from jazz to classical. It also turned villancicos, traditional peasant songs, into flamenco-type Christmas carols sung in groups. The name for these in Andalucia is zambomba, called after the drum which accompanies them. The drum is played along with other instruments such as cowbells and tambourines, as well as bottles of anis (the type made of thick, ridged glass). Gypsies sing them around fires in the week before Christmas. Jerez de la Frontera, which has a strong flamenco culture and gypsy community, is especially famous for its zambombas (the party where they're sung, as well as the song itself and drum).