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Festivals in Andalucia Due to the Coronavirus restrictions in Andalucia most traditional festivals and parades are still being cancelled. Some are being replaced with smaller static events. Most open air modern music summer festivals are taking place with reduced capacity, facemasks and social distancing rules. Keep up to date with the latest info about Coronavirus in Andalucia, Spain.

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5 Fascinating Facts about Christmas

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MIDNIGHT EXPRESS an unmissable fruity New Year's Eve tradition in Spain

The twelve lucky Spanish grapes © iStock
The twelve lucky Spanish grapes

On New Year's Eve (Nochevieja), families gather together again, for a big meal - they have to be finished by midnight (or, if they've gone out, be back home), so that they can eat the all-important grapes, las uvas de la suerte, together. This tradition consists of eating one grape for each stroke of midnight (live on TV, from the clock in Puerta del Sol, Madrid), to afford them 12 months of good luck (tip - get the seedless type, or you'll be doing more spitting than swallowing). The first stroke is at 36 seconds before midnight. Some say you also have to wear new, red underwear (both sexes).